Cyber Secure Kids (CSK), a 501c3 non-profit organization, has been the brain child of our CEO for many years as she maintains a strong passion for giving back to the community and teaching STEM concepts to children. She also experiences first hand the lack of diversity in the tech industry (and most specifically cyber security) as she has been a cyber security professional for 10 years at top consulting firms. 
In 2017, after many years of developing and facilitating STEM programs for numerous non-profits and corporations, she decided to build on that content and develop educational materials for after school programs, school districts/consortiums and any organization interested in expanding their knowledge base in the information technology field. 
While the CSK curriculum is primarily designed for 3rd - 6th, middle and high schoolers, there are certification training opportunities during the summer months for adults and upon request.  

Chief Executive Officer

“There's something special and rewarding beyond measure, about the opportunity to create programs for young people that will change their lives forever. It's very satisfying to see the "light bulb go off" for many student in subject areas that they may have initial shied away from.

To watch their confidence levels boost with every hands-on activity, competition or presentation, as well as their ability to learn something so abstract makes the hard work of building these programs totally worthwhile!” 


-Tracy Adams


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